Vancouver Magazine Features Poplin & Co. Paradise Island Virtual Shopping

Vancouver Magazine Features Poplin & Co. Paradise Island Virtual Shopping Experience! When our world shut down and was replaced by the too-familiar four walls of the home, another world was created. Antonio Krezic, like most in the fashion industry, made Poplin & Co’s collection virtual—but unlike most, he made it into a game.... READ MORE

Wearing Boring Clothes Can Reduce Your Wellbeing

In today?s fashion landscape, especially during the colder fall and winter months, men?s fashion takes a nose dive into the monotonous. Seas of monotone plaid shirts, basic grey or black jackets, grey sweaters and everything else in between desaturate the already, dark, cold and gloomy environment of the concrete urban landscape. It?s as if men [...]
A flat of a navy camouflage casual button down shirt

The Scoop On Poplin & Co Printed Casual Shirts

Our printed casual shirts not only go with just about any outfit they are also expertly crafted. Every shirt we make follows our four key guidelines, comfort, style, quality, and value. Understanding the details that make up a Poplin & Co printed casual shirt will help you appreciate each component of this essential and versatile [...]
A young man jumping in the air wearing a hawaiian floral casual button down shirt

Poplin & Co & Fresher Than Chris

Thanks to Fresher Than Chris for featuring us on his blog. Chris Law is a influencer and blogger who caters his content for the guy who is looking for the tools to look great. Weight and budget shouldn?t stand in the way of looking good. Check out his site HERE.
Banner depicting a young man standing in between potted tropical plants while wearing a casual button down floral shirt

Poplin & Co. Featured in Swagger Magazine

SWAGGER? Magazine is North America?s Premier digital first Modern Men?s Luxury Lifestyle Publication. Headquartered in Toronto, and teams across New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Vancouver, London and Paris. We are the new go to resource for the ambitious, successful and influential gentlemen of today. Thanks Swagger Magazine for the fresh article! You can read [...]
Matthew Onpoint wearing a floral causal button down shirt and sitting near venice beach in Los Angeles

4 Ways To Wear Printed Dress Shirts In the Summer

With the summer in full swing north of the equator we thought it would be a great time to lay down some ground rules for styling your printed button up shirts without looking like your dad on his trip to Hawaii. Let?s get started? Wear Them With Black Denim Black denim is an essential part [...]

Summer Breeze Review Video

We are so excited to share a review video for our Summer Breeze short sleeve printed floral shirt. Thanks to Jacob Ross for reviewing the shirt for us.

Poplin & Co Redefines the Printed Button-Up

Poplin & Co is a Canadian men?s apparel company specializing in printed button ups that are anything but ordinary. The company offers a bold, fresh take on prints that are aimed to represent an underserved market of creatives looking for impeccably designed, quality pieces made from natural fibres at prices that are within reach. Poplin […]