Poplin & Co. offers a premium apparel line that is trendy, unexpected, long-lasting, and all the while being economical. In order to achieve our quality and unique colorful designs, we MUST digitally custom print our garments. The vivid colors and detailed patterns are at the very root of our design philosophy. Partnering with the right ethical suppliers ensures that the exciting and bold designs from our imagination can be reflected in our clothes.


We produce our clothes in small quantities on 100% natural Cotton to reduce waste and to make sure our customers are buying a unique product worn only by a select few. Our clothes are art to wear and unlike fast fashion, they are built to be worn, washed, and re-washed year after year.


Combining our premium 100% natural cotton fibres, vibrant designs, limited quantities, and superb durability is no walk in the park. The common challenge with North American factories is that they require large minimum order quantities which contradicts our goal of producing unique designs in limited numbers. In addition, very few have the high-tech machinery or experience to achieve the complex designs and standards that we are after. Because of the limitations of North American manufacturers we chose to partner with factories in China who were able to meet our manufacturing requirements. We spent years building relationships with our manufacturing partners to ensure that the clothes they produce are made to our technical and ethical standards.


It is unfortunate that there is still a misconception around Chinese manufacturing in the minds of consumers and retailers in North America. This is a relic from the past that’s being perpetuated by a lack of consumer education. The stories of poor working conditions and minimum pay from decades ago are in large part no longer a reality. The Chinese economy is one of the fastest-growing in the world, and through the past decades, China has seen the biggest growth of its middle class compared to anywhere else in the world. This has resulted in factories being able to afford high-tech equipment and provide higher-paying jobs. The Chinese government has also set a STRICT ENVIRONMENTAL DIRECTIVE called their War On Pollution aimed at regulating and in many cases closing down factories who aren’t meeting environmental standards. In addition to all of this, the workers employed in Chinese factories are experts in their field due to their decades of experience. Today China is no longer the country known for cheap manufacturing, it is a world-class manufacturing powerhouse and we are proud to label our clothes made in China.


We have spent years searching for the right manufacturers and traveled around the world in order to see firsthand who we were partnering with. Our manufacturers hold a high ethical working standard, support their workers, and are a part of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).

If you have any specific questions about our manufacturing process or simply want to learn more, please do not hesitate to ask. We at Poplin & Co. value our customers and see it as our responsibility to give them the right information to make an informed purchase.


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