About Us

We are a Canadian, female-owned company making responsibly made apparel all from 100% cotton.

Our Mission

We started Poplin & Co. to help people be happier, increase their confidence and expand their friendships through the clothes we design.

Our Designs

We create our conversation-starting apparel by combining our intricately hand-drawn prints and patterns with simple, staple silhouettes to create something exciting and original.

Our Quality

Our products are made at ethically sourced, BSCI and BCI recognized factories. They are machine washable, pre-shrunk, and expertly crafted to last.

Socially Responsible Factories

We work with manufacturers around the world who are all part of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and hold a high ethical working standard. They pay their workers a fair wage, provide them with benefits and ensure that they are working in a clean, safe environment.

Small Batch Production

We produce each style in small quantities to eliminate waste and to make sure our customers are buying a unique product worn only by a select few. Our clothes are art to wear and unlike fast fashion, they are built to be worn, washed, and re-washed year after year.

Made From 100% Cotton

Our premium, 100% natural fabric is produced from BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton. It is woven into a Poplin weave which results in a strong, crisp fabric with a peachy surface. And unlike clothing with synthetic fibres like Polyester or Rayon, cotton does not shed microplastics back into our oceans during wash cycles.